naturally raised

Fed exclusively on grass and hay!

Our cows are raised as naturally as possible, outdoors, with free access to the barn when they want to protect themselves from rain or snow. They are fed exclusively on grass and hay harvested from our pastures.


Steaks--rôtis--bœuf haché--cubes--etc.

Les canards de Barbarie, les plus savoureux de toutes les volailles, sont à 15 % de réduction.

Les saucisses de bœuf de Ferme Morgan maintenant disponible [recette originale hongroise]!  

Des paniers de viande seront bientôt disponibles - BBQ box, Comfort Box et Mix Box.

Nous sommes ouverts du vendredi au dimanche de 10h00 à 17h00 durant la saison estivale. Cependant, si nous sommes fermé et que vous êtes dans le coin, appelez-nous au 819-687-2434 poste 1. Si nous sommes disponibles nous ouvrirons le magasin pour vous.

Our beef freezer is packed!!!

Steaks--roasts--ground beef--cubes--etc.  

Our Muskovy ducks--the tastiest of any fowl-- are 15% off.  

Morgan Farm beef sausages, our Hungarian original recipe of years ago, are available! 

Meat baskets will available soon--BBQ box, Comfort Box and Mix Box.

We are open Friday to Sunday from 10:00 - 17:00 during the summer months.  If we are closed and you are in the area, give us a call at 819-687-2434 extension 1.  Maybe we are available and can open the store for you.