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bio sauvage

Montagne Mann, to the Laurentians. After many years of running kitchens, the passionate chef found himself challenged to source the best local, seasonal and organic products. Early in 2012 he decided to follow his heart and take action to solve what he saw as a future extinction of many special and already rare fruits and vegetables. This was the beginning of Bio Sauvage Farms–1 acre in the middle of the forest– without wifi, phone service, industrial agriculture, or people. It seemed to be the perfect place to test the hardiness and tolerance of these plants with little to no human assistance.

In 2017 after 5 years of preserving the strongest and most flavourful varieties, David was presented with the opportunity to join one of the oldest and most respected certified organic farms in Québec– Morgan Farms.  The goal of David’s farm is to expand and sustain the wild and honeybee sanctuary and provide a safe place for future generations to learn about sustainable agriculture and ecosystems.

Bio Sauvage Farms now specializes in wild mushrooms, hardy fruit and nut cultivars, bee education, and food, forest & permaculture consultation and design.

Architect by training, I have always been interested in healthy and sustainable lifestyles.  With this intention, I developed a relationship with Morgan Farms.  At present I am involved in the operations of the greenhouse and the garden for the summer/fall markets.


The Earthship is a well-insulated, energy-efficient greenhouse that significantly  and sustainably extends the growing season at low cost. Its facing direction and its roof angle were factored to take maximum advantage of the sun’s energy during southern Québec winter conditions. The Earthship has a network of pipes set a metre in the earth that blows air into the structure at a constant below-ground temperature of 10ºC throughout the winter which helps to keep the temperature above freezing when the sun isn’t shining. It is also heated with a beautiful, hand-made rocket stove during the extreme cold of winter.  The challenge has been to find which food-producing plants fare best under these seasonal conditions.
Over the last three years, we have grown over thirty species of semi-tropical fruit plants, vines and trees. To avoid high-heating costs, we are now concentrating on seven species that are naturally insect resistant which also have the ability to withstand occasional freezing temperatures. These species are: several varieties of figs, kiwi, loquat/nèfles, feijoa, grenadine, lemon and assimine. The figs have already started bearing significant quantities of fruit while the others are expected to come into full production.

Morgan farm General store & Bakery

Morgan Farm General Store and Bakery offers a variety of meats, ‘ready-to-eat’ goods, baked breads and pastries.  We also offer a wide selection of organic foods, along with sustainable living products.
You are welcome to come sit at a picnic table and/or in the Earthship where you, your family or group can enjoy a coffee or kombucha and baked goodies from the bakery–all in the ambiance and flavour of farm life.
We also host occasional events, parties and tours while offering the delights of the farm and other catered goods. Our Pop-Up food events are a wonderful way to spend an afternoon visiting the farm and eating gourmet pizzas, mechoui and other delights.
To book your own farm event, please call 819 687-2434  #3
You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram to get notified of upcoming events and announcements or new products.
If you can’t come to the farm, you can visit us at markets, see the schedule or order by email or phone and pick it up at one of our drop-off points.
After accumulating many years of experience in the business field and specializing in hydroponics, Tom decided in the spring of 2017 to quit his “office” job.  He came and settled on the farm in order to start his own project of growing certified organic greenhouse tomatoes. Now part of the Morgan Farm Team, Tom and his family (wife and daughter) operate and ensure the continuity and development of the store (meat / vegetables), the bakery (bread / pastries) as well as the public markets (summer – Christmas).